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Hilary and Arthur - thank you

Hilary and Arthur - thank you
Thank you for organising our lovely and very varied holiday.  The programme was excellent with many interesting things to see.
All the guides were different in their personalities, but all good in their own ways and all made us very welcome to their cities.
We had good and safe drivers and all the cars were comfortable.  The only car we did not like was the Ford Transit D’Car in HCMC.  It was comfortable but there is a big screen between guests and driver, so it is not good to see where you were going, or for seeing the sights as we drove around town.
Most of the hotels were excellent.  We especially liked the Hanoi Authentic which was a nice hotel and a great location.  The Hoi An Essence is a superb quality hotel with excellent service.  The accommodation at Yen Nhi, Ninh Binh and Forest Floor Lodge was comfortable with good service and much better than we expected.
The only hotel we did not think was quite as good was the Nha Trang Majestic.  The room and breakfast were not quite the same standard as the other hotels and it is just across the road from a discoteque which was extremely noisy.
The boat trip on the Mekong was beautiful, comfortable and very interesting, but the programme was not quite correct.  The time was rather shorter than the programme (1100 – 0900 instead of 1000 – 1000) so no time to visit the narrow canals.  We told the boat manager about this when we got off the boat.
Overall we had a lovely holiday and we want to thank you again for your planning and for giving us a lovely holiday.
To Mrs Lan in particular we want to wish you health and happiness in the coming month.
Very best wishes to you both.
Hilary and Arthur

Poster: 21:06 - March 07, 2017  


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